Transport Installation Barge

Barge TB-6000 is flush deck, non-propelled, steel barge for transportation and launching of offshore fixed platforms Jackets and installation of Topsides onto Jackets by means of float-over.

• Transportation of modules in sea going condition with weight up to 10900 t.
• Launching of Jackets with weight up to 4000 t.
• Float-over installation of Topsides with weight up to 6000 t.

Class Certificate:

K () L3 R2-RSN(4.5) Pontoon
Date and Place of build:
2015, Russia
Length / Breadth / Depth:
95.108 m / 29.774 m / 7.05 m
3.87 m
11495 t
Deck skidding system:
Two 63 m long skidways, height 1595 mm, width 1200 mm